Toad Hollow Archers are a friendly Field Archery Club in South Devon close to Modbury,

Our targets differ from the roundels as all are rubber replicas of all sorts of animals, Tigers and big cats are just a sample of the targets we use,   we allow all styles of bow from the simple primitive piece of wood carved with care and skill to the most modern superfast carbon fibre creations

Field Archery is real archery in beautiful natural woodlands, come and give it a try, we have a wonderful woodland, it must be one of the best,  learn a new skill, learn field archery while enjoying a day in the woodlands


Welcome to Toad Hollow Archers

If you are interested in archery like it used to be and at Toad Hollow it still is then get in touch,  we shoot our bows in natural, beautiful woodlands at inanimate targets for fun and to test our skill,  every target is different in our woodlands, and every shot fun and a challenge.

Why not get in touch with us to see what field archery and Toad Hollow can do for your skill, fitness, fun  and enjoyment ?

Beginners training courses are held throughout the year, contact us to book your place now

About The Toads

Toad Hollow is a field archery club,  now established for 13 years we are known for our friendly members, the quality of our competitions and the skill and variety of our members who are affectionally known throughout the world of Field Archery simply as “The Toads”

Field archery can be enjoyed at all skill levels, by any gender or age, strength is not important, use of the correct style and equipment is

Field archery is the cross country version of target archery, we all use the same bows, from the humble primitive bows to the most modern carbon fibre creations and crossbows.  We do not shoot at the traditional roundels, instead we shoot our arrows at life size rubber targets which resemble all kinds of animals from Mice to Tigers and Bears

Toad Hollow and all other field archery clubs and NFAS members DO NOT HUNT, we simply have all the fun and none of the cruelty, our sport is rare in that it is supported by the League Against Cruel Sports and The Countryside Alliance and many other bodies

We look after our countryside and our woodlands with the greatest respect and we work hard to maintain not only our club and our sport but also to keep this wonderful countryside beautiful

Located between Modbury and Yealmpton in a beautiful woodlands and under 20 minutes from Plymouth and Torbay and just 10 minutes from Ivybridge we are ideally placed for field archery in South West Devon

New members are made very welcome,  beginners courses are run throughout the year by NFAS Coaching Staff and very experienced archers where you will be taught field archery skills with all archery equipment supplied

Find the real archery, find field archery, find sport and find fun,

Come to Toad Hollow



Interested in Field Archery or in Toad Hollow Archers ?

Then get in touch, we would love to hear from you

As this website is new and being developed just email ian@toadhollowarchers.org and we will be in touch