THA 90

Results for the South West Crown 2023

The Club
& Members

Established in 2006  the founding members of Toad Hollow Archers set out to build a club where every member is treated the same

Toad Hollow is a great place to take part in field archery

Field Archery explained

So you want to know more about field archery ?

We shoot in natural woodlands following a set route shooting from various positions at a massive variety of targets ranging from small to huge

& Coaching

Beginers Training with “The Toads” is a fun way to spend some time learning a totally new skill

“The Toads” have a wealth of skill & knowledge and are eager to help our new archers

& Club meets

With 2 permament practice courses,  a range for setting up your bow, and lots more

All “The Toads”  can practice and set up their archery equipment at any time they want to

Competitions or just for fun

Whether your ambition for field archery is competetive or  you just want to learn and enjoy our sport

We welcome all to Toad Hollow,  and help with onward coaching and advice