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Toad Shoot News: Toad Hollow to Host 2019 South West Crown on the 16th June

Entries Open early February,     Register for early notification on our competitions web page

More information at South West Crown Official Web Site coming soon

Toad Hollow Archers are a friendly and welcoming Field Archery Club based near Modbury in South Devon

We all suffer from an addiction to Field Archery,  and we do try and spread the friendship, enjoyment, fun and archery skills that the sport of Field Archery has given to us to others

Through this web based home of “The Toads” we hope to let you know who we are, what field archery is all about,       what we do in field archery and we also hope that we spark your interest in field archery

Archery evolved over the centuries, but it is still one person, one bow, one arrow, one target, one skill

How does Field Archery differ from Target Archery as seen at The Olympics ?

As a club we are proud of our love of the natural countryside that we use for our sport

All of our targets are made of special foam and set in natural settings