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Field Archery
If you have never heard of Field Archery we wouldn't be surprised,  it is not as well known as target archery

Mention archery and most people think about Robin Hood or the Olympics, so they tend to know about Longbows and what are called recurve bows such as used in the Olympics

Field archery is a sport, and unlike target archery which takes place on very flat ground with nicely mown grass, our version takes place in woodlands, rough ground, moorland, and hardly any if all is flat, and definitely not mown, and more likely to be muddy

Our archery also differs in the type of targets we shoot at, again most peoples ideas of an archery target is a brightly coloured circular target face, in field archery our targets are either paper faces or 3D life size rubber animals

I will point out at this stage that we are not hunting, nor do we support hunting with bows and arrows, in fact field archery is one of the Country Pursuits that the League Against Cruel Sports actually supports and allows in its own woodlands

So we shoot up and down hills, across slopes, across valleys, through gaps between trees at targets that can vary in size between a mouse and an elephant, and just to make it a little harder there is no indication on how far away the target is apart from the archers skill in judging the distance and then either altering their bow sights or changing the elevation of their bow.  I think now you are getting the idea

In a competition archers are split into groups of between 4 and 6, and then move around a course of between 28 and 60 targets, depending on the scoring round being shot, each archer then has a set number of attempts at hitting the target,  if an archer misses then they can move forward and have another go or goes for a lesser score, points are awarded based on how many arrows shot and where they land on the target, after scoring a particular target the archers then follow a pre marked route to the next target and keep moving around the course until all targets have been attempted

Competitions are held at clubs throughout the UK most Sundays and some clubs hold weekend shoots that may include social events and camping, Field Archery is a very social and friendly sport

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