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If you thought that archery in the UK was all about Long Bows, then think again.

While many archers do shoot the Longbow there are lots of other bows that can be used from the basic primitive bow, to the latest Hi Tech Carbon Fibre creations shooting carbon fibre arrows. Each type of bow brings different challenges that the archer must meet to be accurate and effective in our sport

It is a very personal choice made by the archer on what style of bow that they would like to shoot,  many archers specialise in a single style while many others can own several types of bow and shoot which one they fancy using on the day

Whatever your thoughts now, please do not buy any equipment if you are considering joining us at Toad Hollow, as we supply suitable bows, arrows and equipment to learn the basics. We will also loan new club members suitable bows while they decide on what style of bow that they would like to shoot

As well as having a range of Bows & Arrows Toad Hollow also has other equipment such as quivers and arm guards that you can try out before you rush out and buy an expensive piece of archery equipment that could be totally unsuitable for you

Click on each name to the left to see a pop up window that explains the difference of that bow style, all types of bows can be shot by Ladies and Gents and except for the crossbow also by archers under 18
(if you are under 18 then there are legal restrictions on owning or using a crossbow)