Never heard about Field Archery ?

Don’t worry, most people have never heard of Field Archery,  even some very experienced target archers have never ventured into this style of archery, even though we know it is one of the best kept secrets in archery

Read on to see if Field Archery could be that new skill and sport for you

The different sorts of Archery explained

Target Archery

The very formal Olympic Archery range

Mention modern archery to most people and they intuitively think of Target Archery as seen at The Olympics and Commonwealth Games where archers shoot at multi coloured circular targets at fixed distances on flat ground that has had its grass mowed like a Wimbledon tennis court

Now don’t think that as Field Archers that we don’t like Target Archers,  in fact most of us started off as Target Archers, but then found Field Archery and never looked back

Field Archery

A Fallow Deer on a field archery competition course

The name Field Archery can be misleading as it rarely takes place in fields,  although Target Archery does take place on flat fields, so we acknowledge that the name can be wrongly interpreted

It is usual that Field Archery takes place in more natural settings such as woodlands, and rough ground where we shoot on flat ground, uphill, downhill, across valleys, into and out of quarries, along and over rivers and streams and through quite narrow gaps

I think you get the idea

Maybe a more suitable name to reflect what we get up to would be cross country archery, but it has been known as Field Archery since it was started as a sport in the distant past, and as we tend to be traditionalists so we are stuck with it

Evolution of Field Archery

Primitive archers from a cave painting

Field Archery can trace its roots back to when someone found that if they bent a piece of wood, and put a vine from one end to the other it managed to throw their small spears further and more accurately than they could by hand

Then they used their bows to provide food and clothes for their family

Now we use our bows for fun, enjoyment, and competition

What do Field Archery Targets look like ?

In Field Archery we aim (and hope to hit) targets of wildly different sizes and amazingly different distances

Field Archery Targets can range from a Dormouse, to an African Elephant and at distances from a few metres away to over 100 metres away

But do not worry, our targets are not real animals, we do not hunt and would never condone hunting with bows and arrows

Our Field Archery Targets are usually either 2 dimensional flat pictures of various wildlife or 3D representations of wildlife moulded from PU rubber 

Archery is about enjoyment but also accuracy, our targets are all marked discretely with scoring areas that the archer tries to get their arrow to the highest score, from the furthest distance

All of our 3D and 2D Field Archery Targets are supplied by Gamut 3D find out more about these amazing targets at