Toad Hollow is an open to all club, we are a not for profit club run by its membership, we encourage participation in all parts of field archery

If you are an experienced archer, with a current NFAS membership then you are welcome to apply for membership at Toad Hollow

If after you complete a training course with Toad Hollow and then you feel you would like to carry on and join "The Toads" then of course you can apply to join

As a club we only have a few rules, most to do with safety to yourself and to others which are easily explained and followed

As a Toad you will find out that a large part of the income that is needed to keep the club bouyant and financially sound comes from the Open Shoots that we hold.  Being a member does involve being part of the team that hosts these events

We are not a club where the work is done by a few members to benefit the rest, we are a club where everyone works to support the club and each other, after all it is fun being a Toad

If you want to know more about joining "The Toads" just click here to get in touch
"The Toads"
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