At Toad Hollow our National Qualified Field Archery Coaches organise and run our beginners course in field archery

The Toad Hollow beginners courses are extremely popular and we inevitably have more applicants for places on this course, than we have spaces,  the unlucky applicants are kept on a list and when the coaches feel it is time to hold another course the people who are at the top of the list are asked first if they want to attend

Beginers courses take place throughout the year depending on club commitments allowing time for this essential course to take place


The beginers course covers everything you need to be able to shoot safely and relatively accurately

Getting really accurate with bow & arrow takes a lot more than the course can give you in the time, but every novice field archer has started by completing a course very similar to this

This course usually covers 6 hours in total, either in 6 x 1 Hour sessions or 3 x 2 hour sessions, and is usually held on Saturdays, almost all of the course time is taken up with practical instruction on how to shoot your bow and introducing you to field archery

To enrol on the course you do not need any archery equipment as Toad Hollow has ample supplies of archery bows that are ideal for the novice archer

We would love to meet you at one of our beginers courses to start your journey in field archery

The first step is to enrol onto our waiting list and as soon as we can we will be in contact to offer you a place on the course

Please fill in the form opposite and if you are a family you can just use 1 form and add your families names and ages to the “Your Message” section

If the person wanting to come onto the course is under 16 then they must be accompanied by an adult

See you at Toad Hollow