NFAS Open Shoots at Toad Hollow

Toad Hollows Open Shoot 28th October 

Billed as “The Toads are Back” shoot as it was The Toads first open shoot in over 2 years, this was always going to be popular, as it was, as we were overbooked and had a reserve waiting list running

With many brand new members of Toad Hollow, including our very keen newbies on their first event,  all of The Toads were eager to show off the new shoot ground at Deer Park (now affectionately known as Toad Park), on the day we had the maximum for the style of shoot we put on

At the end of the day we were amazed at how tight the scores were, many ties having to be decided on 24s, and Gents Barebow was a 3 way tie

To see all the results and scores click HERE

As in all new ventures or events we wondered if the shoot would go as well as we hoped, we knew we hadn’t overlooked anything, but would it be as good as we wanted it to be ?   would our new super loo be OK ?

Sunday arrived and everything just went as perfect as we could have wished for, from admin, to the target placement to our catering and marshalling of the event, all of our guest competitors were very impressed and really enjoyed the shoot.    Many are already asking to be booked into our next open shoot, but that won’t be until well into next year, especially when it is warmer as the wind coming from the North was bitterly freezing, but we kept moving and kept warm.

Overall the shoot was a great success, even more than we hoped for, I and the rest of the club thank Flete Estate for the use of the woods and your support to our club, and to field archery

At the end of the day Brenda had organised a charity shoot which involved archers shooting at a target over 140 metres away, surprisingly only 3 arrows managed to hit it out of the hundreds shot at it, we decided before the shoot to support The Altzheimers Society,  through the shoot we managed to raise £219.95 for their very worthy cause.

Thanks due to Bryan Lawler for his help and for his generous donation and to Rixdale Archery for generously donating equipment for the auction after the shot which all added to a great total donation to this very worthwhile charity