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Here are the results for the Toad Hollow Charity Shoot held on March 5th 2023

What a fantastic day we had,  having had to postpone this shoot in January due to course flooding but everyone agreed it was worth the wait with a still dry day, but cold

The shoot was held to raise money to donate to NHS Charities and with the help of all our archery friends who helped Toad Hollow raise £874.90 for our NHS Charities,  Wow what a total we thought we may break £500 but never that much

The scores are below and we look forward to greeting you all again in October for when Toad Hollow will once again host The South West Crown Regional Championships

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Here are the results of the 20th November 2022 NFAS Open Shoot

Thanks to all the archers that came along to Toad Hollow on the 20th November, this was our last competition of 2022 and for many of our archers the last field shoot that they can get to in 2022, so a great turnout, especially with not only the wettest November on record hitting the area at the start of the month and the forecasts leading up to the shoot, none of which could agree in their weather forecast for the weekend

As it turned out the weather gods did smile on us with just one shower on Sunday, which while it did add to our stock of winter mud it did nothing to wipe the smiles from our guest archers faces

As we do like to bring back older shooting rounds or simply make up new rounds to shoot then this Sunday was no exception,  each archer had 2 arrows per target and both arrows scored the same, pegging was different with all sighted archers shooting from a single peg,  a different peg was for all adult unsighted archers and 1 more for all juniors,  while our pegging choice lacked some of the colours normally seen dotted around the course,  this time the pegging was simple, but Phil, Paul and the rest of our Toads did give the archers a whole range of challenges from the dead easy to the fffffs type, but all the archers enjoyed the change from Big Game

Scoring was different as well, Sighted archers scored pro ring 15, inner kill 10 and the rest of the target 5,  unsighted archers had 15 for inner kill, 10 for outer (big) kill and 5 for anywhere else,   this really did make all the archers concentrate

With this time of year (November) a dark finish would always be possible but an early start and a quick course laid meant all the archers had left, The Toads had cleaned up and we closed and locked the gate a few short minutes after 4pm,  a great result

This time The Toads decided to award instead of the usual medals that we would create superb 3D printed Toads in Gold, Silver & Bronze colours, and then they were mounted by Brenda onto wood cut from fallen trees in our own woodlands,   this was all down to our new 3D Printer which churned these lovely awards out for days and as Ian had no idea at the start about 3D Printing he did get his 3D Print knowledge increased in time to make them all in time and avoid a divorce from Brenda.  From our archers reactions these Toady small trophy toads were a great success and now Ian is searching for the next Toad design for our next shoot, the thought from Ian is that each shoot will have unique Toady awards and then they will be unique for an award series and if you want to have one of each, then the archers will have to come back and try to win another

The scoring actually worked exceedingly well, with many classes being super close,  it was decided that instead of cutting down the number of awards that we would treat each score as 1 place and award the relevant Toad no matter how many scored the same.  In Ladies AFB the scoring was so tied we awarded 2 Gold Toads, 1 Silver Toad, and 2 Bronze Toads, not bad 5 Ladies AFB Entered and 5 Toads Awarded

At Toad Hollow we do have a tradition we started on our first ever Open shoot and that is to reward sportsmanship as well as marksmanship

At this shoot we awarded a Gold Toad to a young lady that always shoots non competetively, travels to every shoot in the area, in every weather, and can always be seen at Nationals and 3D Champs, and always comes off the course with a smile,   so to Nicola McRae of Tavistock Archers, well done and we will see you at our next shoot

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See you at the next Toad Hollow Open

Here are the results of the 20th March 2022 NFAS Open Shoot

Thank you to all of the 81 archers that came to our lovely Toad Hollow woodlands and enjoyed the course set by Tom Farr,   working closey with Tom were Phil Smith and Paul Farr and as usual all the Toads joined in helping in one way or another to make the shoot such a success,  we hope you all had a safe trip and enjoyed the shoot, and the catering which for this shoot Leo and Annie stood in with Bren and they had a great time running the catering stop,  Leo and Annie are now the official Catering Toads, thank you Leo & Annie for stepping up and enjoying the cooking, you did brilliantly

Unfortunately just before the shoot our woods were hit by the gales that struck the southwest and we had several 50 – 70 foot old pine trees uproot and collapse on part of the course, so assisted by the estate woodsman we jumped in and cleared the paths that were blocked, the buzz of chainsaws was incredinble as The Toads did what they always do when we have a problem, they all joined in and worked hard to get rid of that problem, and that was soon sorted,  as field archers it is always a sad thing when we lose any trees but on inspection the gale has opened up some new shooting lines, so someting good comes out of every set back

The day was very dry and bright, but a cold easterly wind kept everyone moving and warm,  the course was 2×20 3D Targets all from Gamut 3D and included the new bird spider which the archers loved shooting, the archers scores showed that lockdowns and Covid restrictions had meant they surely lacked practice

We all know of the sad happenings in Ukraine, this led to action by Ian & Brendas’ 10 year old granddaughter Faith who spent all of Saturday cooking cakes, scones and cup cakes for selling at the shoot, there was no fixed price for Faiths cooking but everyone who took one made a donation to Faiths Kids in Ukraine Appeal.  Through her hard work she raised £122 during the shoot, previously she also raised £170 selling her cakes at the school

See you all at our next shoot

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Assembly and catering

With a full to bursting entry catering was busy all day, admin, marshalls, and guests all went home full and happy