Starting Field Archery

How to start in Field Archery

Like any sport or pastime there is always that first attempt, or just trying it out to see if you enjoy it

Field Archery is no different,  so on our Toad Hollow Field Archery Training Courses we make things easy for the novice archer to start shooting a bow, and to start enjoying their archery

Everyone takes driving lessons,  even though they know what a car or motorbike is, and they have seen millions of them,  simply getting into a car and driving properly isn’t easy, yes the car will move, but lessons teach you how to drive correctly, safely and then you can enjoy your driving

Archery is the same, we have all seen bows and arrows, cowboys and Indians, Robin Hood, Gladiator, Olympics, anyone can pick up a bow and make an arrow move, but being taught correctly how to use them not only makes it easier to enjoy and over the training course your skills will quickly improve with excellent coaching from our Toad Hollow NFAS Coach and experienced archers

The best way to start Field Archery is to contact your local club, and if you are in the area of Toad Hollow which is in South Devon between Modbury and Yealmpton, just south of Ivybridge we would love to hear from you

Our training course which will instruct you in the basics of Field Archery lasts for 6 weeks.   Each lesson is usually held on one evening, or on a weekend morning each week. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours and at the completion of the course further tuition and coaching is freely available

In most sports to start off you need some equipment or kit to start playing, in Field Archery we do not want anyone nipping to their local archery shop and kitting themselves out before a course,  please DO NOT BUY ANYTHING YET

At Toad Hollow we have all the training equipment you will need,  we know that it is the perfect equipment for you to start learning archery with, add that to our coaching and you will be able to handle the bow correctly and your archery will improve quickly

Once you have completed the course and you decide that you want to continue with Field Archery you can still use club equipment until you decide what bow style you want to shoot.  Then our vast club members experience will help you to choose your first bow

Get in touch now,  find out when our next course is, and try Field Archery, you will love it