Welcome to all about the Targets
"The Toads"
The targets that we use in field archery have a vast variety of sizes and shapes

They are split into 2 main types, paper faces and 3D targets

3D Targets are full size models of local and exotic animals, made of rubber and very life like, these can range in size from very small targets such as rabbits and rats to the largest Grizzly bear or even Gorillas

Paper faces are full colour pictures of all manner of animals and birds, some of these are life sized but many of the larger animals are shrunk in size so they can fit on the paper sizes available,  paper faces are mounted on a backstop to stop the arrows, these are mostly made of straw or rubber either in layers or moulded sheet rubber

A large part of the fun of field archery is that the archer never knows what to expect next as they move around the woodlands
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