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Welcome to Training Courses with
"The Toads"
We welcome novice and experienced archers to the sport of field archery, whatever your experience you will find a very warm greeting at Toad Hollow Archers

Toad Hollow has an excellent training system for coaching new archers, the content is based on the suggested program set out by our National body the NFAS with more content added to based on our own huge experience of training for field archery

Your training will be carried out by club members that include National Champions and National Championship medal winner

At Toad Hollow, our friendly club members will most certainly help any archer to enjoy the sort of archery that they aspire to in a friendly and safe environment

To start your journey into Field Archery, get in touch for more information

You do not need any of your own equipment,  Toad Hollow will lend you all that you will need to get started

Training lasts for 6 or 7 weeks and for periods from 1 to 1 and a half hours each period. Outdoor training and practice takes place over the weekends (weather permitting) and Indoor  sessions are usually on Friday evenings

Toad Hollow prides itself on being an inclusive club, do not be shy about coming along and having a go, we are a mixed club with surprisingly more female than male club members, and field archery is not a sport that favours men or women, boys or girls, anyone can shoot a bow with correct training

There is no upper age limit to being an archer, Under 16 yr olds need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be responsible for their behaviour at all times, we have set a lower age limit of 12 years old, both boys and girls are welcome

Do I need my own bow or arrows etc ?

No we supply everything you need

What do I wear ?

Depending on the time of year, something warm and comfortable, and not to loose as it hits the string

Is Field Archery Safe ?

Yes it is, our sport has a 100% safety record

Is it fun ?

Oh Yes, you will love it
What sort of bow will I shoot ?

For training you will use a recurve training bow, also during the training you will experience all of the other sort of bows we use

Do I need to be strong to shoot a bow ?

Not at all, whatever your strength you can shoot a bow, bows come in all sizes and strength

When are your courses ?

We run training courses throughout the year, get in touch to find out when our next course is