This video was taken at our latest 2 day weekend open shoot competition

In August 2016 "The Toads" happily celebrated 10 years of holding our  2 Day Bank Holiday Open Competitions

Archers come from all over the UK to take part
Have a look at videos of Toad Hollow Open shoots and practice sessions that have taken place over the years.    If you want to experience for yourself what fun we had, then Contact us now
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"The Toads"
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This is a video taken by one of the archers while they went around the course at one of our early 2 day open shoots

I hope you can see how much fun they had

Lots of our club members and archers camp at our open shoots, it is a very sociable sport
From another our first open shoots

As you can see we shoot not only in woods, but also open ground, over lakes, into streams and at all sorts of targets

Part of the enjoyment in field archery is that you never know where or what your next target will be
This video is mainly of our own Toads club archers practicing and some of visiting archers enjoying themselves

The crocodile seen at the start of the video was one of our first targets that we hand made when the club just started

It was retired 6 years ago and it is sadly missed by archers that came to love it
We at Toad Hollow really hope that you enjoy watching these videos a much as we enjoyed the days we spent shooting our bows

We also hope that you can see the massive variety of different targets and distances that we shoot over a complete range of different grounds and terrain

If these videos has given you the urge to come and try out our sport of field archery,  we offer beginners courses that will give you the basics and introduce you to a great sport

Enjoyment Warning !

Field Archery is a huge amount of fun and very addictive

You will wonder what you did before you found this great outdoor sport

Sundays will never be the same as you travel to visit other field archery clubs, take part in both local and national tournaments and enjoy shooting your bow in some fantastic woodlands and countryside that you didn't know existed

And another plus is that you will never run out of ideas on what others can give you for Birthday and Christmas Presents