What is Field Archery ?

What is Field Archery ?

If you are not already an archer then the name Field Archery will probably mean nothing to you,  but it is a sport,  pastime,  skill that has its roots in the archery of old,   but bought completely up to date

There are several thousand Field Archers in England, and several Field Archery clubs in the south west, of which Toad Hollow is just one.  Toad Hollow and its members belong to the largest field archery organisation in the UK, The National Field Archery Society (NFAS)

Most Field Archery Clubs host competitions where archers can come and see how good they are, or simply to enjoy the day shooting somewhere new

The NFAS hold 2 National Championships each year in May and September

Most people have heard of archery, and they naturally and instinctively think about “Target Archery” as seen in the Olympics or on film and TV with such heroes as Robin Hood

Now think of Robin Hood meets the future,  Robin used to shoot in the forests and woodlands, he used to use archery to eat,  now we bring a packed lunch and use the very same archery skills to hit targets

Shooting an arrow into another arrow is still called a Robin Hood,  bouncing an arrow off the ground to hit a target is called a Barnes Wallace

Our targets are not the multi coloured roundels, set on dead flat mowed lawns, at exact distances from the shooting line,  Field Archers shoot in woodlands and forests, sometimes in clearings,  we shoot at targets set out along the flat, up hill, down hill, over streams and rivers, in fact anywhere in the woodlands being used that the course target setter can use.

Our targets are a form of rubber that can take an arrow hit, and then we can get our arrows back after they have been scored, our targets have been sculptured and moulded to resemble all sorts of animals and birds,  on the targets are marked scoring areas,  depending on the distance that the archers shoots the target from and where their arrow lands they score their success or failure accordingly to see the wide variety of targets we use click here

This video can only give the briefest of introductions to Field Archers so If you want to know more about Field Archery, or more about Toad Hollow Archers,  get in touch,  we would love to hear from you,  it doesn’t matter how old you are,  what gender or what strength you have, you can take part in Field Archer, it is a truly inclusive sport